Day 1 – Riders take on Light Wind Challenge

Day 1 – Riders take on Light Wind Challenge

Light wind on the water for Day 1.

The first race started at 1350h which reflects a 50 minute delay, due to low wind.
The plan for the day was two yellow races, two blue races, followed by two yellow and two blue again.
The first two yellow races were sailed in 7-8 knots and everything was relatively smooth. Wind was up and down but racing was fair, albeit challenging for the sailors. The first two blue races were sailed in 7-9 knots and things were going nicely still.

The yellow fleet was called out for their next set of races and the wind got very light during yellow Race 3. The Race Committee signaled AP over H at the finish of yellow Race 3 and sent everyone ashore. AP was displayed ashore for approximately 10 minutes and the wind came up again. Unfortunately while waiting in the required 20 minute window (reference Sailing Instruction 5.2) the wind was blowing nicely. At the end of the 20 minute window the wind was still 6-7 knots but barely hanging on.

Yellow Race 4 was sailed in 6 knots and dropping. Many competitors finished the race but unfortunately some did not.

After brief deliberation the Race Committee displayed AP over A for the rest of the Blue Fleeters, who were on the water ready to start Blue Race 3.

So Day 1 is in the bag with an uneven amount of races for each group. Tomorrow’s racing will begin with Blue Fleet Race 3 and 4. After that has been completed the scoring office will do a quick re-seeding mid-day and racing will continue with Qualification Races 4 through 8, wind dependent of course.
After dissecting the standard language for re-seeding it is clear that Final Series Racing should be started only after all fleets have completed at least three races. That way we can secure enough races to “constitute a regatta”.

The forecast is looking like light wind for the rest of the week.

We’ll be paying homage to the wind gods this evening at pizza party being hosted at Dalaney’s.

Provided by “Robbie Dean”


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