Day 3 Race Report – San Francisco Bay Challenge

Day 3 Race Report – San Francisco Bay Challenge

Hydrofoil Pro Tour
St. Francis Yacht Club San Francisco, CA, USA
August 4th – 7th
Day 3 Race Report

The Hydrofoil Pro Tour combines with the San Francisco Bay Challenge today. The racing starts in front of Crissy Field, rounds a weather mark near the Golden Gate Bridge and then becomes an open course downwind to Berkeley Marina and back. The SF Bay Challenge has been one of the longest running races in the bay. Tactics become critical based on navigation, obstructions, boat traffic, and pressure zones. Planning properly for wind conditions throughout the entire bay is always a mild guessing game. Looking for the leeward buoy and the Berkeley pier becomes a landmark guessing game for the racers, especially the first timers.

Today also provided some entertainment with the local outrigger paddle boats racing along the shoreline of Crissy Field and sharing the National Park with other watermen. Both kiters and windsurfers raced the course with Johnny Heineken finishing in just over 45 minutes and Nico Parlier a mere 19 seconds behind. You can not drive to Berkeley and back in that time! The bullet finisher for the windsurfers finished in just over 88 minutes. That is on a formula board meant for speed. The hydrofoil kite racing is truly amazing in terms of speed.

The majority of kite racers stayed pretty tight, within 15 minutes at the finish. The windsurfers hotly contested their category staying close throughout, within about five minutes overall This is a great race as well as a bay tour. Starting in the cloudy, windy skies at Crissy, heading down to the sunny skies and lighter winds of the east bay, and then powering back to Crissy Field gives a great tour in a fabulous backdrop of the entire width of the San Francisco Bay. The race today counts as a standalone score as well as one race for the Hydrofoil Pro Tour.

With one more day left in the tour, the standings are still up for grabs for many of the riders. Johnny gained a point on Nico today making tomorrow critical and up for grabs. Third is pretty locked up by Joey Pasquali. Fourth and Fifth will be a hot battle between Nico Landauer and Stefaans Viljoen. Come on down for the final races tomorrow between 1pm and 5pm!

Huge thanks to the main sponsors for making this incredible event possible.
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Race report by Eric Due

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