Mexico – La Ventana

March 26 to 29

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Hydrofoil Pro Tour Mèxico

March 26-29, 2017
Playa Central Beach Club


[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” border_style=”” up=”20″ down=”0″ icon_pack=”font_awesome”][vc_column_text]CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOTICE OF RACE >>[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” border_style=”” up=”20″ down=”0″ icon_pack=”font_awesome”][vc_column_text]The big event happens at Playa Central on March 26-29, 2017. La Ventana is the home of the 1st stop of the Hydrofoil racing tour for since 2014 and has delivered an array of wind conditions throughout the years and always lives up to its reputation. In Spanish, La Ventana means “Window,” locals named it because this is where the wind comes in. Playa Central has become a destination for many kiteboarding professionals in the world and is recognized globally, as a foil center and some say, the #1 place to learn to kiteboarding thanks to its friendly waters, forever sandy beaches and a bay that will always keep you safe.

This small fishing village came alive 15 years ago when our sport poured in to the bay. The tourism that kiteboarding has generated has made the town see great growth. The windsurfers began to kiteboard and the kiters began to foil. Neon kites fill the sky nowadays October through April, and locally we know life is better when the wind blows. The Hydrofoil Pro Tour has put La Ventana on the map internationally and we are ready to accommodate kiters and foilers, forever and always. Playa Central provides a beach front location in the center of the Bay, in the heart of La Ventana, with optimal launching and chill space, a rooftop deck for spectators and a group of dedicated local boat captains to ensure the safety and efficiency of the race for all riders. A fun happy hour awaits us after the races and when we’re lucky, we witness a moon rise and shooting stars. Our venue provides social occasions, daily breakfast, personal concierge services and an ambiance of fun. Delicious food and world famous margaritas, a place to be out of the sun and in the shade while enjoying the comfort of a couch. Since 2010, Playa Central was made by kiters for kiters.

Accommodations, Airport Shuttle, Massages, Whale Shark Tours, Island Tours, Snorkel with Sea Lions, Mountain Biking excursions, Gastronomical excursions in to the mountains, Hiking Tours, Yoga and much more available by getting in touch with us on Facebook: Playa Central Kiteboarding or e mail The cacti in the dessert will mesmerize you every morning. Welcome to Baja California, Mexico. Thank you for joining us for the beginning of this 2017 foil racing season.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” border_style=”” up=”20″ down=”0″ icon_pack=”font_awesome”][vc_column_text]CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOTICE OF RACE >>[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]



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