Hydrofoil Pro Tour France – Festikite 2017 Media Release Day 2

Hydrofoil Pro Tour France – Festikite 2017 Media Release Day 2

Day 2: Parlier maintains perfect score board.
The wind was slow to settle in on Saturday in Villeneuve Les Maguelone on the second day of the Festikite, but at 13:30 Gaby Pucci was able to commence race #5 in 10-15 knots to start the last day in the qualification round.

While Monaco’s Maxime Nocher (Enata) struggled to keep up with Axel Mazella (F-One) and Nico Parlier (Ozone / Mikes Lab) on the first day he finally managed to get a bullet on day 2 in the first race and only the Italian Riccardo Leccese (Ozone) managed to follow him! In this race, Axel Mazella (F-One) and Nico Parlier (Ozone / Mikes Lab) finished 4th and 5th. It seemed like it was going to be difficult for the leaders and that Nocher was going to make a “comeback”. But in the second race Parlier again took the lead in front of Mazella.

In the third race of the day, Axel Mazella starts strong and it was looking like he was finally getting a win often being so close to Parlier. However, the 2016 HFPT champion fights back gradually, winning 2 to 3 seconds per lap and charges at the last buoy before crossing the finish line in a photo finish just ahead of his good mate Axel as the winner for the sixth time this weekend!

The Slovenian Toni Vodisek races again strong during this event, the under 18 junior, climbed six places on day 2 and is in 11th place in the open mens class. Without a heavy fall that caused him to lose six places in round no. 6, he could have climbed into the top 10. The French Benoit Gomez and Victor Bachichet complete the podium for under 18s.

In the Masters, Benjamin Petit is still the leader and Alexia Fancelli dominates the women’s category.

The FFV had planned practice races in boarder cross with the juniors in anticipation of the European Championships in Italy this summer and the Youth Olympics in 2018 in Argentina.

The Gold and Silver Fleets of the HFPT/ Festikite will continue to race Sunday on the beach of Villeneuve Les Maguelone.

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