Interview with Olly Bridge

Interview with Olly Bridge

1: How Was was your winter and time off racing?

Olly: This winter has been one of the best winters I have had so far. Started of spending a month in western Australia with my family, kiting pretty much every day. Spending time off the foil wave riding down in Margret river and a bit of freestyle. I have not been at home much but when I have been the conditions have been pumping. Been sending it when its been super windy and surfing when there has been waves. I had a couple last minuet trips, doing some testing with flysurfer kiteboarding. Also heading out to Cape Town with my brother to help in compete in Red bull king of the air. Finishing off the off season with two weeks in the alps.

2: You keen on going to Mexico and excited for the HFPT To kick off again?

Olly: Yeah I think this is the most excited I have been for the season to kick off. Mexico is a great way to kick off the season. You get a gauge of what equipment is going to be fast for the year and who the main completion will be.

You got 2nd overall in 2017 behind Nico after 6 events. After taking a few bullets off Nico Parlier in Australia at end of last year Do you think in 2018 you can finally crack it and go all the way to the top?

Olly: Well I am hoping so. I defiantly saw a big improvement in my results and riding towards the end of 2017. So I am training hard at the moment to make it happen this year.

What will you preparation for Mexico be?

Olly: So at the moment I am in San Francisco training. Training here mainly with Daniella and testing some new foils with Mike. I will spend a week in mexico before the event starts too. I spent a couple weeks here last year. After spending time here it made all other conditions feel easy.

3. How do you see Kitefoil racing developing in 2018?

Olly: I still see some big developments on the equipment side of things. Flysurfer kiteboarding have been working hard of some new gear which I am really excited about. Its a shame that the new IKA equipment registration is not until 2020. The equipment is developing so fast I don’t see the point waiting until 2020 for new equipment to be used. But anyway there is actual only two events where we will need registered equipment. So Hopefully brands will keep developing and bringing out new gear.

4. Who are your hot tips for up and comers in 2018?

Olly: Just get stuck in and start coming to HFPT events. Its relaxed vibe, good venues and focused on good racing. Thats what you want as a new comer.

5. What’s your favourite kite size?

Olly: I don’t really have a favourite size. I don’t really like underpowered on a 21 or really over powered on a 9. Anything in between works.

6. What beer do you like best after a long day racing?

Olly: Anything thats cold

7. Pasta or potatoes?

Olly: Bit of both, got to keep things fresh and mix it up.

8. Which is your favourite Volvo to drive and why?

Olly: Well I am actual only allowed to drive a 40 at the moment so i guess that one.

9. Who is best driver in family? Anyone but my mum she is too radical.

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