Preskil Hydrofoil Pro Mauritius Tour 2019 Theo De Ramecourt victorious!

Preskil Hydrofoil Pro Mauritius Tour 2019 Theo De Ramecourt victorious!

Five more races were run on the last day of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour Mauritius 2019 in conditions a little lighter than the day before. Although there were still three different race winners, which proves the intensity of the competition, Théo De Ramecourt confirmed his leadership to win the race ahead of Axel Mazella and Nicolas Parlier, tie breakers.

After two days of sustained wind, the Mauritian trade winds had dropped in intensity on Sunday to give riders their last five innings in 10-12 knots of wind, even if a good 15 knots were expected from the beach. The big wings were therefore out again: between 15m and 21m according to the riders. Theo De Ramecourt opted for 18m on the first two races, a size bigger than the other top riders, before changing to 21m for the remaining races. Some rather lucrative choices which allowed him to win two new races and thus assert his leadership in the general classification.

Nicolas Parlier was able to win two races as well, but he was not able to shake off Axel Mazella and get back to the top of his form. In the end, he climbed to the second step of the podium and proved that he is returning to the game. “After a disappointing start to the season, I think I found a place that suits me better. I’m satisfied”, he explained. “I tried a lot of gear during the competition and even if I’m not really equal arms at the foil with Theo and Nico, I found a good level of performance and confidence. I think Theo had a slight advantage in speed, he wins logically even if we managed to fight well. With Nico, it was super tight! We finished in equal points (equal firsts, seconds and thirds) and we were decided on the result of the final race!”

After 19 valid races, it’s pretty big to end up in second place! Slightly behind his form and probably affected by health issues he dragged for several weeks, Nicolas Parlier remained a good player before reaching the podium: “I’m happy with my week, even if I have not won. The playing field is narrowing and I can not win every time. Physically, I had some health issues, but it was great to push hard with Theo and Axel all week.” And it is true that the three friends really did not let go of any race, thoroughly navigating on each leg around the course. It’s a safe bet that the mind has been heavily involved and that it is probably the one who was the most confident and had the deepest desire to win that has prevailed.

Theo De Ramecourt gives his analysis: “For the first time in my career I came to win and I managed to win, so I’m really happy. This is even more satisfying that I follow after my unexpected victory in San Francisco. This puts me in confidence for the rest of the season. I think I was going a little faster and I made the right choices, especially in terms of kite sizes. I won, it’s great, but I know I’ve made some small mistakes and I still need to improve.”

On the spectator side, the fight of the three musketeers was exciting to follow with many twists, plays and even contacts! But the regatta was not only about the podium.

The local Jean De Falbaire (4th) also had a hard time competing with the incredible Maximilian Maeder (5th). Remember this name – At 12 years old, Max is wowing everybody. He is the only other rider to have earned himself a Top 3 finish in the regatta and he did it three times! Believe me, we certainly have not finished hearing from him. Billy Guy-Maupas is three times older (it’s not even a joke!) and also completes a very good week scoring three fourths on 21m on the last day.

Each part of the ranking has given rise to beautiful struggles between enthusiasts. We will particularly remember the friendly and caring atmosphere between riders of different levels and multiple origins. There’s no doubt the Mauritian welcome was felt by all the riders who were treated like royalty in the fantastic Preskil Island Resort whom hosted the event. What is particularly amazing, Guillaume Lefébure and Jérôme Bonieux announced during the closing ceremony that the 2020 Hydrofoil Pro Tour in Mauritius at Preskil is already on the cards. Get ready to book your vacation when dates are announced! If you like kitefoil racing, you have to admit that the Hydrofoil Pro Tour stage at Pointe D’Esny is a must-see for professionals, amateurs and spectators alike!

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Overall top 10 after 19 races:
1. Théo De Ramecourt (FRA)
2. Axel Mazella (FRA)
3. Nicolas Parlier  (FRA)
4. Jean De Falbaire (MRI)
5. Maximilien Maeder (SIN)
6. Billy Guy Maupas (FRA)
7. Hector Paturau (MRI)
8. Philip Rowlands (AUS)

9. Daniel Leow (MAS)

10. Lorenzo Giovanelli (ITL)


1. Natalie Flintrop- Clarke (AUS)

2. Maggie Pescetto (ITL)

3. Stefanie Roman (GER)


1. Max Maeder (SIN)

2. Jeremy Raffray (MRI)

3. Maggie Pescetto (ITL)


1. Billy Guy Maupas ( FRA)

2. Daniel Leow (MAS)

3. Martin Jensen (DEN)

Grand Masters

1. Dr Phil Rowlands ( AUS)

2. Robert Hirst (IVB)

3. Natalie Flintrop- Clarke (AUS)

Full results here

Full results

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