Recap: Day 1 – Battle in the light breeze

Recap: Day 1 – Battle in the light breeze

La Ventana awoke beneath the desert field of cacti with the smell of homemade quiches filling the venue. Playa Central overlooks the mirrored water of the bay on this unusually still morning. Not a cloud in the sky and still, the wind remained absent. One thing is for sure, life is better when the wind blows. Coffee, bite size cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit salad, beans & rice (as requested), all the kite fuel and carb essentials catered to all 46 competitors from 23 countries. The support by the riders, for the riders has been huge and is what made this turnout possible. Prior to the skipper’s meeting, the sound of foil tuning fills the room. The buzz on social media already dinging and ringing as the day begun.

Rob Dean, Hydrofoil Pro Tour race director for 3rd time at this 1st tour stop in La Ventana. Horn blows, flags are up and surges a very light race for the yellow, who sailed in 7-8 knots and for the blue, the wind blew up to 9 knots for the first two races. First set completed but the wind turned light during yellow Race 3. The Race Committee signaled AP over H at the finish of yellow Race 3 and sent all ashore. AP was displayed ashore for about 10 min and the wind came up again. While waiting in the required 20 min window (reference Sailing Instruction 5.2) the wind was blowing nicely and by the end still 6-7 knots so it was a race.

Foil racers enjoyed the bay to themselves, a rare occurrence that has been steady for past days training – a foilers heaven. Many in town for months and weeks prior to this race season, catching up on the conditions of La Ventana, Mexico, host for the 1st stop for #hydrofoilprotour 2016. Riders just have to watch out for those “manta rays and whales getting in the way of your upwind angle”, says Elena Kalinina riding ELF from Russia. “And the jumping fish,” adeed Astrid Bernz from Switzerland stated.

Maxime Nocher on F-one and Riccardo Andrea Leccese on Ozone had close battles finishing Race 1 and 3, as did Nico Landauer and Florian Trittel in Race 1 & 2. See results posted daily on and support the event by getting in touch with Playa Central Kiteboarding on Facebook to check out the Official Day 1 video. Day 1 is in the bag with an uneven amount of races for each group. “The Final Series Racing should be started only after all fleets have completed at least three races. That way we can secure enough races to “constitute a regatta”, said Dean. The forecast is looking light for the week and kites are still in the air and riders are foiling away from shore as they head for the start line at 1pm today. Stay tuned for more news on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour.

By Oliva Rose

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