San Francisco – Day 2 Race Report

San Francisco – Day 2 Race Report

Hydrofoil Pro Tour
St. Francis Yacht Club San Francisco, CA, USA
August 4th – 7th
Day 2 Race Report

Mother nature setup an epic race venue today, the second day of racing for the San Francisco stop on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour. The clouds backed out past the Golden Gate Bridge. The wind has been solid all day. Classic Crissy Field conditions have laid the groundwork for amazing racing throughout the fleet. The racing today has been epic.

Much of the day has seen 2x world champion Johnny Heineken and 2x French Foil Champion Nico Parlier battling head to head on the water. One jibe, Johnny is ahead. Another tack, Nico gains the lead. Kiting at 35 plus mph within 30 feet of each other is incredible to watch. Then there is keeping their kites clear of each other and not making a mistake. One mistake, bammm! Hitting the water can easily cost a hundred feet minimum at these speeds. All of this happens out in the public water ways of the San Francisco bay. Boat traffic, tankers, wakes, wind lines, tides, they all play a role in trying to disrupt nerves and skill.

Racers from around the world have come together to race head to head at speeds faster than anything else on the water. The fleet has racers representing the USA, France, Uraguay, Mexico, Slovakia, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Slovenia and Venezuela. Kite racing, having started here in San Francisco with the St. Francis Yacht Club, has grown into an incredible global passion that comes together at world class events like the Hydrofoil Pro Tour. By the end of day 2, the top five racers are currently Nico Parlier, Johnny Heineken, Joey Pasquali, Nico Landauer, and Stefaans Viljoens.

Incredible organization and support on the water is provided by the St. Francis yacht club with support boats, buoys, start boats, safety boats, timing, and score keeping. A huge thanks to all the volunteers helping make this such a smooth and amazing event. Tourists and locals alike pass by and ask about the races. It is truly captivating watching these athletes competing on the water. Come on down and check it out! 1pm to 5pm at Crissy Field, through Sunday. Tomorrow sees a distance leg from the Golden Gate Bridge to Berkeley and back!

Huge thanks to the main sponsors for making this incredible event possible.
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Race report by Eric Due

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