San Francisco Day 4 Race Report – FINAL DAY

San Francisco Day 4 Race Report – FINAL DAY

Hydrofoil Pro Tour
St. Francis Yacht Club San Francisco, CA, USA
August 4th – 7th
Day 4 – FINALS

The Hydrofoil Pro Tour lights up the final day of racing with sunny skies, solid winds, and an amazing setup all around. Foil kites launch from the beach left and right. Kite racers rip towards the start line in anticipation of the final five races of the day. All of the fourty five racers are pushing hard today to get an edge in their standings overall. Legs are worked hard from the last several days. The scene is set for some phenomenal races, and that is exactly what we get today, phenomenal.

Joey Pasquali, F-One, from Sausalito, USA has picked up his game today and mixes it up with Johnny Heineken, two time world champion, and Nico Parlier, two time French foil champion. Throughout all five races today, Nico, Johnny, and Joey are fighting neck and neck. Kite to kite. Literally board to board. Some moments it looks like Johnny and Nico are swapping board paint, grinding upwind at almost 30 mph. The next leg, Joey makes a better tactical call and grabs some ground on the inside. Every leg of each race seems to have a change in the lead. The racing is fast, tense, and truly phenomenal.

After the final five races today, the overall standings have the top five as Nico Parlier, Johnny Heineken, Joey Pasquali, Nico Landauer, and Stefaans Viljoen. Check the overall standings from the link below for the rest of the fleet. Every racer has had tight, competitive battles and have shown their skills on the coarse. The spectators have loved every level of competition today and the last three days. The level of racing will continue to the remaining tour dates coming up with the next stop on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in Mauritius August 17th to the 20th and the final round in Australia in November.

The advancements in technology in foils, kites, and boards continues to develop at an incredible pace. It seems that every six months there is a new level of performance. F-One, Ozone, Flysurfer, and Elf continue to advance the kites with better speed and angle of attack. Mike’s Lab, F4, Spotz, and others keep refining the carbon fiber hydrofoils, getting faster and more stable. There are reports of over 40 mph on downwind legs. Boards are getting sleaker lines, smaller, and yet more stable when touching the water, which is rare at this level.

A huge thanks to everyone involved in making this event happen. The St. Francis Yacht Club has opened its doors once again with welcoming arms and provided a great venue. All the volunteers, beach help, boat support, and every person and sponsor involved has been supportive and professional in every way. Spread the word folks, because racing on the water does not get any better!
Huge thanks to the main sponsors for making this incredible event possible.
Full Sail Brewing:
ABK Brewing:

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Crissy Field live webcam:

Race report by Eric Due

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